Napster creator unveils new company

Napster creator unveils new company

Snocap (founded by Napster’s Shawn Fanning) has developed technology that can identify digital music tracks shared across the internet and create a system to collect royalties on behalf of copyright owners.

Hey, that sounds Cool! No illegal file swapping anymore, eh ? If only Snocap can sneak behind .torrents/ares of the worlds and actually stop swapping from happening…as I realised, thats a BIG if. To make snocap work, users would need to use p2p service that work with Snocap as stated here “It was understood that a new file-swapping service called Mashboxx, expected to launch in January, would be the first peer-to-peer (P2P) network to harness Snocap’s technology.”

Grrr…why would someone use Mash* if he/she/it can get ripped music off Bit torrent in the first place !?

Moral of the story: Cool nothing. p2p will continue to grow leap & bounds & bleed the music industry (as seen on TV) to death.

[EDIT] I realised the BigDaddy of Blogs Slashdot already covered it.


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