Learn Chinese while you still can

Lenovo, IBM to Announce Plans for New US-Based PC Company Tonight

While Indian domestic desktop/server companies are struggling for identity, a Chinese firm has actually gone ahead and bought IBM — the Big Daddy of PC business, & the one which started the PC business at all.

So if the BIOS screen of your new IBM Laptop (yes, :-[ the new company will continue to use the IBM name, as well as key IBM brands like ThinkPad) is in Chinese — don’t say you were’nt warned. Learn Chinese while you still can. HP might well be the next. You Read It Here First.

I wonder if the quality of laptops would be a function of this merger. I hope not. Because if it does, the best non MAC laptop available in the market today would probably become history. Ofcourse, I am assuming that this obscure Chinese wouldn’t be able to carry on the quality mantel any further.

I might be right. For eg, do you know that Lenovo, which was previous known as Legend, is China’s largest PC maker and is partially owned by the Chinese government.

(PS: Further Conspiracy theorists & theories invited…)


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