Entrepreneurship @ IIT k

I was at IIT Kanpur recently to deliver a talk on Entrepreneurship for the IIT Kanpur Business Club – a club we co-founded back in 2001. Here’s the presentation.

PS: I found atleast 50 messages including around 20 plans in my mail the next day. Seems like we’re on the right track.


3 Responses to “Entrepreneurship @ IIT k”

  1. Jaya Says:

    With the humble experience of four(?) years with the aspiring entrepreneurs at IITK, do not see much with the number of mails – try to see the quality as well. Entrepreneurship is romanticized a bit too much.And a talk by you is capable to doing so too well 🙂

    No, I am not being pessimistic. There is a potential for sure. But tapping it has not been possible as of now.

  2. Shashank Says:

    I disagree. Their has to be a ‘start’. People have to catalyse the process.

  3. Abhay Singhal Says:

    I agree with Shashank….Start at once. But at the same time, have enough steam in you to sustain this passion for sometime, coz success never comes cheap.

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