Search LMS, reach here

Apparently, this blog appears amongst the top search results for following queries

  1. LMS + Social Networks
  2. p2p + LMS
  3. p2p 2.0

Either Google is bad, and I need to start writing some good content — seriously OR whatever I’ve been writing makes sense to Google, at the very least.

As an aside:

(My) Definition of SEO: The Art & Business of duping google.


2 Responses to “Search LMS, reach here”

  1. Jaya Says:

    He, he. Its just a result of the high page rank of I do not know the reason of this high rank, but even I have been getting hits becuase of unimaginable search terms – mentioned casually somewhere in my blog. But yes, you can always capitalize on the traffic you get by writing more and better 😉

  2. Ed Kohler Says:

    Duping Google is one way to look at SEO, but a better way would be to focus on creating an incredibly valualbe web site. Make sure you cover your SEO bases by having content that’s readable, unique title tags, etc., but if you focus on creating great content SEO kind of takes care of itself.

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